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1Litre of Blush confetti

1Litre of Blush confetti



Delayed delivery option may be available please check FAQ page!


Zip lock bag filled with 1 litre of Blush confetti.


Made with premium dried mixed ivory and dark pink delphium petals .

Dye free and picked by hand from a beautiful farm in the UK.


Zip lock bag 160 x 260mm


Colours may slighty differ to them being natural and hand picked. Or due to lighting i.e camera screen


1litre of confetti = 10-12 handfuls

5litres of confetti = 50-60 handfuls

(Guide line only, will depend on how you are going to display your confetti)


Please check out our FAQ page for more information

Dye free, premium biodegradable confetti.

Colours may vary slighty, due to them being dye free.

store in a cool dark place.

Check ot our FAQ page

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