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  • How big are the confetti packets? And how many handfuls do you get in a litre?
    Glassine packets 9.2cm x 10.8cm Litre bags 160 x 260mm It all depends on how you are going to display your confetti and how generous you want to be with your handfuls. 1litre of confetti = 10-12 handfuls 5litres of confetti = 50-60 handfuls 10litres of confetti = 100-120 handfuls Our glassine packets with 50mls of confetti in - We use a litre and that gives us 21-22 packets full of 50mls of confetti.
  • Will my venue accept biodegradable confetti?
    Most venues will accept biodegradable confetti. But please check before you purchase.
  • Does the confetti have dye in it?
    your confetti is dye-free
  • Care note
    Stored air tight, cool, dark place out of sunlight. Back of cupboard. The light can fade the petals and humidity allows the petals to biodegarde. Colours may slightly differ due to them being natural and hand picked. Or due to lighting i.e camera screen.
  • When should I buy my confetti?
    All dried petals need special storage, please see care note! But can last for up tp 6months if stored correctly. We advise if your wedding is over 3months away you can select a delayed delivery, but you must check with us before to make sure your product will be available.
  • What is the delivery time?
    Our dispatch times may vary depending on time of year, but we aim to get your orders out within 2-4 days plus delivery time.
  • What is delayed delivery?
    If your wedding is over 3months away and you want to be super organized . You can contact us and enquire to see if this option is available. If this is the case then all we need from you is your wedding date, we then give you the go ahead to order. We then will send your items out 1month before your wedding date.
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